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Follow Me Through My Life As An Internation Solar Engineer For Npower/Man of mystery.

I may have been stretching the truth a little with international man of mystery. In my head i look like James bond but in reality im proabably more like Mesuit Ozil

Moving on i work for the might Npower German energy supplier as a solar speacialist, pretty cool job to be honest i have to travel all around the world and work with compaines that specailise in green energy, very nobale thing to do if i say so myself.

I get to see a lot of the world and the Women haha as a single German man i feel its my duty to let the women from the other countries see what German efficiency is really about. Today i met a lovely lady from the UK who worked for British Gas but unfortantly she was married..

Just been to the Uk hmmmm think i prefer the mighty Germany.

So today ive been in the UK for the first time ever. I went to whats called a sea side town called Bournemouth and met with the Energy advice line apparently the do Business electricity price comparison for all the business in the UK.

Everyone seemed very nice i've told shown them how to run there whole business with solar panels even down to flushing the toilet. I know I know im a genuis....

Plus side - There all very nice

Down side - All there staff were married or had a partners, maybe its me or my German charm but im starting to hear that a lot think im going to change my look.

I also think im being put off England as no ladies liked me.

Okay my next post will be about my new look im going for it i want all your views

Failure is not an option

The mighty German national team failed to beat Poland WHAT........

Today is a dark day for me and all my fellow Germans last night we lost of one of our group games to Poland, that is totally un german we werent organised we werent clinical infront of goal we played like sandmarino rubbish terrible i will not accept this, today i will visit mr lowe and discuss his tactics.

Im not going to talk about this alot as it breaks a little bit of my cold German heart everytime i see the score so look the match report if you want.